The Development Reseacher

Our partner the Development Researcher is an independent, non-political, knowledge-based and knowledge-creating webzine and think-tank in the field of international development. The Development Researcher benefits from an expanding network of international researchers with a mission to provide policy -makers and the general public with practical information and advice on the issues of international development through independent and fact-based policy research and analysis. Development Researcher focuses on five thematic research streams: (i) economic development and poverty reduction, (ii) environment and sustainable development; (iii) empowerment and civil society; (iv) international relations and (iv) rule of law and human rights.

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The Development Researcher can be found at: www.developmentresearcher.com


ASAGRI (The Romanian Association of Strategic Analysis, Geopolitical Analysis and International Relations) is a non-profit organization established in November 2010, in Bucharest. The main goal of ASAGRI is promoting the field of study of geopolitics in Romania through Geopolitics.ro website and to make known abroad the geopolitical analyzes made from a Romanian perspective through english.geopolitics.ro website. 

What ASAGRI has achieved in four years of existence:

  • A geopolitical analysis website with over 5,000 unique visitors per month and over 400 articles and geopolitical analysis published (the Geopolitics.ro website – Romanian version);
  • A community of over 4000 people who appreciate the geopolitical analysis and articles published; (Geopolitics.ro Facebook page);
  • The geopolitical analyzes of ASAGRI are published in the romanian media, including in one of the most read newspapers in Romania, Adevarul.ro. ASAGRI has a blog on Adevarul.ro, where publish some of its analyzes.
  • 12 events, conferences and debates organized to which were invited prestigious personalities in the field of International Relations and Geopolitics, including: Mr. Mircea Malița; His Excellency, Mr. Ambassador Dumitru Preda; Mr. Niels Schnecker; Mr. Alex Brown; Mr. Nicholas Garland; His Excellency Mr. Prof. Dr. Aminian Bahador, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Ambassador to Bucharest; Mr. Vasile Simileanu; Mr. Cornelius Van; Mrs. Gabriela Ioniță;
  • three editions of GEOPOLITICS Summer School, which was attended by over 100 young people in total and prestigious personalities such as Mr. Tahsin Gemil, Mrs. Dona Tudor, Mr. Mircea Chelaru, Mr. Gheorghe Văduva, Mr. Nicolae Iordan Constantinescu, Mr. Cristian Barna, Mr. Romulus Hîldan, Mr. Ștefan Georgescu, Mr. Ion Petrescu, Mrs. Sevinci Gemaledin, Mr. Cristian Jura, Mr. Vasile Ionescu, Mr. Viorel Zaharia and many others.
  • The editing and publication of “Geopolitical Evolutions of The Islamic Space” volume (only in Romanian), which brings together the studies written by the participants of the second edition of GEOPOLITICS Summer School;
  • The editing and publication of “The geopolitical triad USA-China-Russia” volume (only in Romanian) at Ars Docendi University of Bucharest Publishing House, which brings together the studies written by the participants of the third edition of GEOPOLITICS Summer School;

ASAGRI can be found at: english.geopolitics.ro



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