My name is Oana Merdariu and I am producer and audiovisual director in Argentina.

I consider myself ambitious, creative, experienced and skilled in what I do.

I obtained several diplomas in Romania, The UK, Argentina, I have attended various artistic circles and I am fluent in 4 languages.

Furthermore due to my professional experience, I gained multidisciplinary expertise, due to the fact that I have combined several arts, through documentaries and shows, approaching topics related to culture, tourism and so on.

Due to the fact that I would like to have a positive impact on society, in addition to my daily activity at the production company 4everfilmsproduction I decided that it is time to get involved in an ambitious humanitarian project. Because of this I joined the NGO Issues Without Borders, in order to fight for the rights of refugees and their integration in their host countries.

I believe in human rights, in the right to life, in equal chances, without discrimination or hate.