Elisa Ahovuori

Researcher Finland

Elisa is a young professional and holds a MA in International Relations and Global Governance, and a BA in English Language and Culture, both from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. After having finished her high school in Finland and having studied minors (French and Sociology) in France, she moved to the Netherlands to continue her studies and work.  Her enthusiasm for languages and world politics made her write her MA thesis about the impact of different integration regimes (language regimes) in Europe, and what it means to the migrants in terms of human rights, for instance. As part of her MA diploma she successfully finished an internship at the Centre for European Security Studies (Groningen). She speaks Finnish, English, French and Dutch fluently. 
At the moment she is volunteering at Humanitas to give a helping hand to people who came in as refugees. Elisa is passionate about human rights, education, and ethical issues in international politics. She speaks Finnish, English, French and Dutch fluently.