Barbara Dziedzic

Researcher Poland

I was born in Zakopane, Poland in 1978 where I went to Art College. I studied at the Pedagogical University of Krakow, where I received a BA in English Philology and EFL Teaching in 2007. I worked as an English teacher in Poland, UK and Holland for five years. Since 2008 I have lived in Ireland where I work as a Childcare Assistant as well as an interpreter and translator. I am keenly interested in social issues and human rights worldwide and has been active a volunteer with local charities.
The reason why I am getting involved with the Issues Without Borders project is that I would like to make a difference to how people perceive and approach immigrants in Europe, especially since the migrant crisis has started.
I would be happy to contribute to the new european legislation and thus improve the conditions the immigrants meet in their countries of destination.