1. How did you come up with this idea of the Development Researcher?

Increasingly governments, international organisations and civil society organisations rely on evidence and policy analysis collected through primary and secondary research to design and implement their policies. Our team is committed to providing high quality research that can satisfy research and information needs of organisations and the general public. Basically, the Development Researcher has three hats that merge into one holistic whole: A network of international researchers with background and interest in the 5 thematic areas:

  • (i)Economic Development and Poverty Reduction;
  • (ii) Environment and Sustainable Development;
  • (iii) Empowerment and Civil Society;
  • (iv) International relations and
  • (v) Rule of Law and Human Rights

It is a web-magazine publishing articles and other products related to international development .
We are working on becoming an independent, non-political, knowledge-based and knowledge-creating think-tank in the field of international development and undertake research assignments for international organizations and NGOs .

2. How was the team formed?

Initially, in May 2013 the founder of the organisation Veronika contacted colleagues and friends from university with experience and interest in international development. Gradually, we started recruiting team members advertising in social media groups. Our expanding team of international researchers is currently formed of 40 researchers across more than 30 countries and 5 continents.

 3. Why did you found and join Development Researcher?

We would like to put our passion for research and development into practice. We believe that our flexible team of international researchers can contribute to international development through  providing research and analysis. Our experienced team of researchers can provide both thematic and country-specific expertise. We would like to collaborate and network with NGOs and other think-tanks.

4. What are Development Researcher’s goals on the long run and how are you going to achieve them?

Our mission is to provide policy and decision-makers with practical information and advice on the issues of international development, democracy and human rights through our independent and fact-based policy research and analysis. We use our knowledge and expertise to influence a positive change in the world. In the long run the goals of the Development Researcher are to be the think-tank when it comes to development. It will comprise the full development spectrum; from political to social-economic.  Another goal of the Development Researcher is to encourage great dialogue partners for organizations, institutions, government, media and NGOs regarding development information, news and research. We are going to achieve this through our talented and skilled team members who all have a passion for development.

5. Do you have to be a member to publish articles on Development Researcher’s website?

Not necessarily. We are keen to publish guest articles and interviews on our web-site on inspiring issues related to international development.

6. Describe Development Researcher in 5 words.

Collaboration, Diversity Professionalism, Integrity, Independence

7. Describe a typical week of your involvement.

We have regular skype meetings every week and we use this time to brainstorm and discuss priorities. Typical working weeks also involve making regular updates to the web-site.  If articles or papers are submitted, the editorial team works with the contributor to ensure high quality content. Our recruitment team is also busy with organising induction sessions for new contributors. We also inform ourselves of possibilities to network with partnering organisations, such as Issues Without Borders.

8. How is your work on Development Researcher going to help you both personally and professionally?

Most notably, working on Development Researcher fulfills our passion to work on the topic of development. Our involvement in the development researcher also helps us to greatly enhance our research, networking, analytical, interpersonal and organisational skills. We also have fun and enjoy in what we do together along the way.


The Development Researcher can be found at: