IWB highly encourages you to apply for a membership. When you feel strongly about human rights and equality and believe that the sharing of knowledge and experiences can have a positive impact, IWB offers a platform where you can make a difference. As a member of IWB your main task will be to write articles and essays on issues of human rights and societal injustices in general. The matters treated can range from global to personal, as long as they are relevant to the context of IWB.

 ‘As a member of IWB you will have access to the online discussion groups and the opportunity to get into direct contact with members near you.’

Members are required to be motivated, knowledgeable and are expected to act responsible. Further, you should have a command of the English language and it is of added value if you are active in human rights or a related field. Since IWB has objectivity as a core value, contributions are expected to be factual and trustworthy. In this regard, academics and professionals are highly encouraged to join and support IWB.

When you are interested in becoming an IWB member, please send a brief motivation and CV to issues.w.borders@gmail.com. You will receive a reaction after the IWB team has discussed your application.

For those who are concerned about the rights to their work, we will look after you well and will not demand ownership to anything you publish with us. We support the use of Creative Common licenses. However, we would appreciate that IWB is mentioned in the case of re-publication through other channels.

If you have any further questions, concerns or remarks, please do not hesitate to contact us at: issues.w.borders@gmail.com