David Jan

Researcher - Slovenia

David comes from the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. He has studied agronomy at the Biotechnical School of Ljubljana. His main work now is cultivating medicinal plants near the border between Italy and Slovenia, where he also does selections on cold hardiness and drought. A different but equally important part of his life is to work […]

Hanna Lena Krueger

Researcher - Germany

Hanna was born and raised in Germany. She studied BA Social Work at EFH Bochum. After her studies she worked as a Human Rights Observer with IPON (International Peace Observers Network) in Mindanao, Philippines for one year. Currently she studies MA Gender and Peace Building at the United Nations mandated University for Peace in Costa […]

Benay Gözkaman


I wanted to take part in this project because the problems we are dealing with are the global problems. So the issues we are working on is not only other’s issues, but also they are my own issues

Dilara Dinç

Member- Researcher

 I feel very honored to be in this project and I wanted to be in this project because with this project I’m more aware of the troubles that refugees are having and this is not only their problem it is also our’s so we need to stand up for this case

Madeleine Marcateus

Researcher - Sweden

Madeleine is a Swedish 24-year-old who lives in Brighton, UK. She moved there to study International Development at the University of Sussex, from which she graduated in 2013. She has always been involved in organisations such as Amnesty International and Model United Nations to spread information about current affairs as well as deepen her own […]

Roosmarijn Nelen

Researcher - Belgium

Roosmarijn is a consultant in Brussels for a private company in employer’ services. She has an extensive background in international politics and labor sciences. After spending time abroad and coming back to Europe, she joined IWB out of a general interest, as well as concern, regarding Europe answer to the current refugee crisis.

Albena Slavova

Researcher - Bulgaria

Albena has a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski. Last year she completed a master’s degree in Public International Law after graduating from Leiden University in the Netherlands. She is currently working as a Chief specialist at the Dublin Unit of the State Agency for Refugees with the Council of […]

Emilitta Strahilova

Researcher - Bulgaria

Emilitta is from Sofia, Bulgaria, but she is currently based in Doha, Qatar. She works as a flight attendant, which gives her the chance to face on a daily basis cultural diversity and to observe significant social issues. At the same time, flying to different countries every day is very exciting. She graduated in Mаss […]

Olga Fernández

Researcher - Spain

Olga is a Spanish national currently living in the UK. She joined the IWB team as a Researcher in October 2015. She studied Law at the University of A Coruña, in Spain obtaining her LLB diploma in 2011. In 2013, she undertook a twelve-month European Voluntary Service in Birmingham, supporting adults with learning disabilities, an […]

Sylvia Farkasovska

Social Media
Researcher - Slovakia, the Czech Republic

Sylvia Farkasovska graduated with MA in Psychology, English Language and Literature from the University of Constantine, Nitra, Slovakia. She then carried on her studies at the National University of Ireland, Galway, graduating with a LLM in Human Rights Law where her main focus was international criminal and humanitarian law. After her studies, she interned for […]