What is the future of the International Criminal Court?

Three African States have announced their withdrawal from the International Criminal Court (ICC). Russia also announced it withdraws as a Rome Statute signatory. However, many other states are expressing a renewed commitment to the ICC and vow to continue the fight against impunity. Will the ICC crumble under the criticism and withdrawals, or will it seek the chance to straighten its legitimacy? What could be a possible solution at this turning point? Discuss with us!

Donald Trump was elected president

What is your opinion  on this topic and how will this affect the entire world?


NATO? Terrorism? Migration? International relations?

Discuss with us!

New Abortion Law in Poland

A new abortion law in Poland …criminalizing abortion.

Can we connect this to the rise of extremist parties in Europe?  Or to religious conservatives?

What is your opinion on this topic? Discuss with us


Brexit story of the moment

What is your opinion on Brexit? How will this impact Europe as a continent and Europe as a major international player?

Turkey’s violence in the Kurdish region

The Turkish state recently declared curfew in Kurdish regions which are Cizre, Silopi and in Nusaybin. 52 curfews have been imposed since mid-August across this region. Even though Tens of Kurdish citizens have been killed, the Turkish media chooses to remain silent about the government terror. Why are the Turkish people closing their eyes when it comes to Kurdish people’s basic human rights that are being abused, while Kurdish civilians are being killed by the Turkish state?

Paris, Beirut and the terrorist attacks that are shaking the world

Suicide bomb attacks in Beirut one day, Paris under a state of emergency after a series of deadly terrorist attacks the following day, both incidents claimed by ISIS.
Is there any connection between the two? Why was the attack in Beirut not shown that much in the media? Why Paris again? Who can be blamed for the attack? How can Europe protect its citizens from such sad events?

Discuss with us

Ipsos survey on Migration

A new Ipsos survey on 24 countries reveals nearly one in two people in the world’s most advanced economies believe migration is changing their nation in ways they don’t like.
Do you agree with this response? According to you, why is a negative perspective on migration currently prevailing in the developed world?

The possible introduction of death penalty in Hungary

Hungary wants to introduce death penalty in its legislation even if the EU is threating them with exclusion due to it. What do you think about this position of Hungary? In case of exclusion, how will it affect the other member states since it might create a dangerous precedent for the EU?

The Burundi crisis

President Pierre Nkurunziza’s third term bid has unraveled another phase of political upheaval in Burundi following mass protests against his decision. With the army attempt to usurp power and wild jubilation at this claim, there have been counter claims from loyalist circles to the embattled president that the regime still retains sovereignty. Should leaders sit tight in power not taking into cognizance the opinion of the masses who they govern?

Migrants crisis

A special meeting of the European Council took place last week in order to solve the desperate situation of migrants in the Mediterranean sea. Some say that it represents the first step in solving this issue, while others are still skeptical on this matter. What is your opinion?