My experience at the international student conference Constant

On the 20th of April 2018 I was invited as a speaker at  the Nicolae Titulescu annual student conference: Constant.

Constant is an international event ( organized by Nicolae Titulescu  University, Miskolc University (Hungary) and Angel Kanchev University (Bulgaria), in partnership with the Nicolae Titulescu International Law and International Relations Foundation, the Nicolae Titulescu Students’ Association (ASUNT) and the Bucharest University Publishing House Nicolae Titulescu.

This conference represents an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to develop and present studies in interdisciplinary fields such as legal sciences, economics and social and administrative sciences.

I was invited to this international conference by the rector of Nicolae Titulescu University, where I am currently enrolled on a phd program. I am doing my phd in International Public Law and my thesis is analysing The Role of International NGOs in tackling the Current Refugee Crisis.

 My lecture was on “Non Governmental Organizations’ Role in Raising Awareness on the Refugee Issue.” During this presentation I introduced Issues Without Borders to the audience, talking a bit about the platform and about our team,  continuing with a description of IWB for Refugees, our current project meant to propose changes to the current EU legislation on asylum.

Because the presentation was focused on how to raise awareness on the refugee issue I described some of the activities conducted by our NGO. Issues Without Borders was present at the international conference on migration organized by the European Parliament; our members were also speakers at various international conferences on migration and we also organized an international human rights conference in Timisoara (Romania) called Lets Talk about Refugees.

After describing these activities I presented Refuge DAmour, a short clip that weco-produced together with 4everfilms productions. It it a short film about a Syrian woman who obtained refugee status in Paris, and is meant to depict a different side of the refugee crisis.

The program was well-organized, the students were engaged in all the discussions and they asked many questions.


Congratulations to the organizers, I had a great experience. Thank you for inviting me.





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