A poem I wrote while in Greece about the trip people make from Turkey via Farmakonisi – a military island – to Leros.


Black sea, black ocean

mind racing, wheels in motion

a screeching voice of the blowing wind

it’s loud and scary

beginning till the end


darkness surrounds me

am I blind, I cannot see

feel the drops of rain

so cold together

sharing the pain


the uncertainty, the fear

what is coming

mind numbing

it will all disappear


the cold is now wet

the screams coming from man

are we there yet

no answer on demand


survive, swim

looking at others

the outlook is bleak

alive, but grim


stumble upon rocks

found a treasure

what happens next

beyond our measure


flashlights, barks

code words cannot be cracked

a shot, light sparks

we all move back


women, children

saw them before

where are they now

see them no more?


rest on spikes

but feel numb

so cold, waiting

twisting my thumbs


salt water for days, drinking

time passing by pray, thinking

another boat crosses, sinking

chances of survival, shrinking


a sudden order after waiting

get on the big ship

where are we going, it’s dark

another scary long trip


Finally reach land

greeted by man

a new beginning

where does it end?


by Jelle Wassenaar- Issues Without Borders member, former volunteer in a refugee camp

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on 20 July 2017

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  • Nuzhat Aman said on Reply

    Really beautiful words, help to understand what a person feels and he/she sees the world, when they became refugees. Really nice looking for more.

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