My experience at the “Challenges of the Knowledge Society” conference

I have just returned from the 11th International Conference “Challenges of the Knowledge Society,” which took place between  12th -13th May 2017 in Bucharest

The event was organized by  the Nicolae Titulescu University,  along with the Foundation for Law and International Relations Nicolae Titulescu, the Complutense University from Madrid and the Dueto University from Bilbao.

The main organizers were lecturer PHD Andreea Stroe and professor PHD Mircea Damaschin.

Several reputed professors and specialists took part in this conference, among which: Augustin Fuerea PHD Professor in EU Law, Bogdan Micu, Associate Professor in Criminal Procedure and Dean of the  Nicolae Titulescu Law Faculty, Viorel Ros PHD Professor in Intelectual Property Rights/ former president at the International Commercial Arbitration Court (Romania) and others.

The conference started with a plenary session where our rector Gabriel Boroi held the opening speech, which was followed by three lectures:

-The first one was “New trends in business  models in the EU” lecture held by Marta Enciso Santocildes, Associate Professor PHD, University of Deusto, Bilbao, Spain

-The second one was “Fighting Crime in the Knowledge Society” , lecture held by Pinar Mermis Kartal, Associate Professor, PHD, Galatasaray Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey.

-The third one was “Human being trafficking in the European Court of Human Rights-case law”, lecture held by Laura-Spataru Negura,  Assistant Professor, PHD, Nicolae Titulescu University, Bucharest, Romania and one of the founding members of Issues Without Borders. Laura`s presentation was highly appreciated by the auditorium. I would like to emphasize the fact that among the renowned specialists present in the amphitheater there was also  Laura`s PHD coordinator professor Nicolae Popa who is the former president of the Romanian Supreme Court of Justice and of the Romanian Constitutional Court and professor Corneliu Barsan, the former Romanian judge at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

After the plenary sessions there were five panel session divided in the following way: Juridical Sciences, Economic Sciences, Administrative and Political Sciences and IT in Social Sciences.

I participated in the Juridical Sciences panel, in the International Public Law subsection,  with my paper “UNHCR and Non- Governmental Organizations Role and their joint efforts in tackling the European refugee crisis from its inception until present times”.  I am currently a PHD candidate at Nicolae Titulescu University, my PHD coordinator being  Mrs. Raluca Miga Besteliu.  I am very happy that I was given an opportunity to be a PHD candidate and have professor Raluca Miga Besteliu as a coordinator, she is helping me a lot to shape my PHD thesis which analyses the role of UNHCR/ IOM/ International NGOs in tackling the refugee crisis as well as a a case study: our work in Issues Without Borders and our plan to map a new EU legislation on migration.

After the panel discussions we had a lunch break where we continued to debate on several specific academic problems  , a very nice walk in the Old town of Bucharest,  and a Romanian traditional dinner at the beautiful restaurant Caru` cu Bere, dinner attended also by our pro rector Mister Mircea Damaschin, professor in Criminal Procedure,  one of the conference`s organizers.

The following day, on Saturday, the 13th of May,  there was a closing ceremony at Nicolae Titulescu University,  a Bucharest city tour, and a lunch at Hanu` lui Manuc another well-known Romanian traditional restaurant.

Laura and I had a great time at the conference, we got the chance to present our papers,  meet other foreign and Romanian participants and exchange great ideas with them not to mention the fact that  we also enjoyed showing them Bucharest, presenting them the city, parts of our history,  and presenting them  Romanian traditional food .

It was a great experience and we are already looking forward for the next edition of the “Challenges of the Knowledge Society” conference next year.

If you are also interested in attending this conference, please write me in order to put you in contact with the organizers.(


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