Romania is my home without a doubt. But I am also proud to be called a ‘gypsy’.”



“I was born and raised in Romania and I currently live in Alba Iulia in Romania. I am an active campaigner for human rights, fighting against violence and discrimination towards the Roma community. I am constantly advocating for multi-ethnic co-existence and common understanding. Because of my constant political activity I have been involved in several organizations fighting for Roma rights, having different posititions within these organizations including title of president of Romania IVLP Alumni Association, General Secretary at the International Romani Union and president of Pakiv Romania NGO.

I consider myself to be a European citizen, part of the diverse European family. I am very proud of my roots. Because I was born and raised in Romania, Romania is my country and Romanian is my nationality. I am also gypsy according to my ethnicity. These mix of cultures do not represent a problem for me, I am actually proud of them.

Romania is my home without a doubt and I never considered migrating to a different country. Romani are often discriminated in Romania but we are still citizens of this country. The word ‘gypsy’ does not exist in Romani language so it does not bother me to use it or to be called like this and not romani.

I was the  president of the International Romani Union, Union which was founded in 1971 and it received the status of consulting organization with the United Nations.

I am actively involved in politics and one of my life missions is to fight for the international recognition of Romani. We have many Romani across Europe, we have our own language, we have our flag, our culture and traditions, why not obtain a UN recognition on this matter?”


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