Never give up. If you are defeated you rise up and this is how you become a champion. That’s what I teach my Roma students.”


lacatus-casian-edited“I am a citizen of Sarmasu, a village located in Mures County, in Romania. I have been living in Sarmasu for the last 30 years but I was born and raised in Lechinta, a village in Bistrita county.

I am a geography teacher, married with two children and I teach here at the school in Sarmasu. I care a lot about the local Roma community and  I was involved in local politics, in the Local Council but I did not really like it so I am no longer politically active.

I like teaching, in my opinion one of the best ways you can stimulate children is through sports. I personally played soccer at a professional level in the second Romanian division when I was younger.  I know how much you can learn and develop through sports; we had organized a national soccer championship at our school for Roma children and our team won. The Roma children really enjoyed this competition.

I am proud of my Roma roots and I never felt discriminated against here in Romania. I got the opportunity to play soccer at a professional level and now I get the chance to teach and impact the lives of so many Roma children.

I never wanted to migrate to a different country for a better life, Romania is home for me, my mother language is Romanian and I also speak Romani.

My mission in life at this stage from a professional perspective is to achieve better results for my Roma community. I want more children to obtain an education here in the village and attend High School and University; to help decrease the percentage of dropouts amoung Romani children; and to motivate them and help them grow.

In addition my suggestions for the municipality are the following (if funding would be available): “School after School” ( A supervisor would take care of the Roma children after school and help them with their assignments); “Second Chance” ( This would be a program meant to help the alumni finish their education, you can take intensive classes and do two years in one); “School for Parents” ( Bringing parents to school to guide them on the importance of obtaining an education, so that they encourage their children to stay in school and obtain an education.)

As a former athlete one of my life mottos is: “Never give up. If you are defeated you rise up and this is how you become a champion.” 


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Webpage title: “Never give up. If you are defeated you rise up and this is how you become a champion. That’s what I teach my Roma students.”.”


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