“If I can do something good for my community then I am up for the challenge.”


dodo“My name is Dodo Anna and I am a school mediator and Romani teacher in Band, a village located in Mures County, in Romania. As a school mediator I establish the connection between the school and the Roma comunity’s children and their parents, wether they face problems at school or sometimes at home. I am proud to be Roma, even though my first language and mother language is Hungarian, I also speak Romanian due to my studies. In my opinion it is never too late to get an education.

Although I went to school only until 10th grade, I wanted to complete my education and learn more, at 39 years old I went to evening classes to recover some of the missing classes needed in order to obtain the baccalaureate degree. When I applied for University I applied for the 2 vacant seats assigned for Roma representatives and I got in. I studied at Babes Bolyoi University the branch from Targu Mures, faculty of “Educators and Teachers” . As a student among Romanian students I never felt discriminated, I was always treated the same as others by both my colleagues and my teachers, the Romanian state also offered me a scholarship. I was highly appreciated by everyone during my study period.

Romania is my home and Band is my home town, I never thought of migrating to another place. Most of the Romas who go abroad move for a couple of years to work and make savings to come build a house back home, maybe buy a car. They always returned back home, Romas like to stick together and live in their home country which in this case is Romania.

I think that the most important thing in order to solve some of the problems in the Roma community is to improve the education system. Parents should be more involved in the education of their children and encourage them to go to school, teach them the importance of obtaining a degree so that further in their life they can get a job and contribute in the society they live in.

I would like to obtain for my community the following: “School after school”, a program where children are kept in schools after classes and helped with their homework by a supervisor. This project helps them socialize and obtain better results in school; scholarships; jobs; even access to water as you do not have water in all the houses in Roma community from Band. In Band there are three  roma communities, situated in different places in the village.

One of my life motto`s is: “If I can do something good for my community then I am up for the challenge otherwise I prefer not doing anything”.”


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