What is the future of the International Criminal Court?

Three African States have announced their withdrawal from the International Criminal Court (ICC). Russia also announced it withdraws as a Rome Statute signatory. However, many other states are expressing a renewed commitment to the ICC and vow to continue the fight against impunity. Will the ICC crumble under the criticism and withdrawals, or will it seek the chance to straighten its legitimacy? What could be a possible solution at this turning point? Discuss with us!

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on 17 November 2016

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  • Patricia Papuc said on Reply

    Russia`s withdrawal comes a couple of weeks after 3 African countries (Gambia, Burundi and South Africa) do the same thing. Important to mention the fact that Russia`s withdrawal is mostly symbolic due to the fact that even if Moscow signed the Rome Statute in 2000 the Russian Parliament never ratified it, which means that Russia was always anyway outside of the jurisdiction of the ICC.

    The ICC is not the only international organization under danger nowadays so I think it is hard to predict the outcome of it. I understand the reasoning to create such an institution where you get the chance to prosecute even people who would have never been indicted in their home country because of fear, political convictions, corruption,etc.

  • Nuzhat Aman said on Reply

    After years of ICC formal opening the international criminal court is facing challenges that are a threat to its future. Firstly icc member Burundi withdrawn from the Rome statute. Then ICC had a great setback when an influential member South Africa followed Burundi’s path. This could lead other African countries to withdraw from the ICC. While Burundi’s decision is to withdraw from the ICC is based on self interest rather than principal because court alleged crimes against humanity in the country. The negative attitudes of African countries towards ICC based on the perception that ICC is focused on Africa and ignores situations in other parts of the world like ICC lacks jurisdiction in Syria and Iraq, because neither country is a party to the Rome statute.
    The future of ICC is not so bright because major rising power including China, India, Russia and US have refused to join ICC. The ICC was established for a noble purpose but couldn’t deliver the required results.

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