Donald Trump was elected president

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NATO? Terrorism? Migration? International relations?

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on 9 November 2016

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  • Keith P. Kiely said on Reply

    To put it lightly, a shocking turn of events in a year that has tried to warn us over and over again to expect the unexpected! What is most terrifying is the lift this gives to casual racism, xenophobia, sexism and nationalism. If the new President-Elect of the United States even implements a small portion of those things he has promised on the campaign trail, Americans are headed for an unprecedented level of ever worsening division, politically and economically. Last night’s result also ushers in new, dangerously unstable and uncertain era in global politics. This administration is likely to historically represent a serious break in American foreign policy norms that have been in place since the end of the Second World War. It represents a new and dangerous shift within the ideology of American Exceptionalism. Only time will tell if this is the official decline of the United States (and by proxy Europe) and the beginning of the long predicted rise of China and Russia.

    We have seen this type of politics develop here in Europe too in recent years and it has now landed brutishly in the White House. This election, the international trend towards right-wing nationalism and populism and the Brexit vote are all symptoms of zero trust in Liberal Western Democratic and Financial structures.In my view, the core issues which needs to be addressed. It is from these very real frustrations that people like Trump have historically benefited. Aside from racism, sexism, xenophobia etc., the rejection of rational thought and scientific inquiry, seen or represented as a component of ‘establishment’ or ‘liberal’ narratives around policy-making is of very serious, perhaps terminal, consequence for the lives of many real life people around the globle during this critical period.

    The uniqueness of this election lies in its implications for American domestic and foreign policy discourses, as well as on American identity generally in the long term. America and her citizens must now live with their decision. I have hope that there, as well as in Europe, those who advocate and support progress, scientific inquiry, basic inclusiveness and tolerance, will fight back as they always have. The fact is that those of us who believe in a view of the world not based on fear, misogyny, racism and xenophobia need to work harder, communicate better and have a serious look at our collective human approach to the problems we face. The situation we find ourselves in this morning is dire, but we can’t work for a better future by simply wringing our hands.

  • Gaelle Anne Fouere said on Reply

    First, I don’t share the common worry about the alleged new faceof the American society, that would have become suddenly racist, misogynous and vulgar. They elected Obama only eight years ago (and re-elected him then), and a so sudden change cannot be reasonably defended from a sociological point of view. Trump’s election is the arithmetic result of a large Democrat abstention and a large participation from part of backward America, that has always existed but was not in a position of deciding on America’s fate. That said, Trump’s election is very bad news for the whole world, since there is more room for hate than for positive spirit in his vision of the world. We can assume that when it comes to the foreign policy, his vision is not compatible with the US Department’s one, which has to be taken into account. I mean, the coming period will be a test of the resistance of US institutions and reveal if a crazy American President can really embark on an unreasoning foreign policy.

  • Patricia Papuc said on Reply

    I am very curious what will happen now with the election of Trump as president. His campaign was very aggressive towards migrants coming to the US and apparently it brought him many votes which represent proof of the fact that many Americans are against migration. Weird in a way since almost all of them are migrants or descending from other migrants. I am also curious about his approach towards NATO and terrorism. He made it clear during his speeches that he will force all countries of NATO to pay the 2% from their PIB otherwise the allies will not step in , if an attack would occur (this is actually a breach of the NATO treaty article 5 which makes it mandatory for member states to interfere if any other state is attacked. The only time when this article was invoked was when 9/11 happened. Hopefully some of his statements were just part of a “white ” campaign meant to persuade many dissatisfied people (racist, anti ObamaCare, anti Hillary, anti democrats, etc ) to vote for him, because he represents change. It will be highly interesting to see the path that the US will take under Trump

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