New Abortion Law in Poland

A new abortion law in Poland …criminalizing abortion.

Can we connect this to the rise of extremist parties in Europe?  Or to religious conservatives?

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on 4 October 2016

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  • Barbara Dziedzic said on Reply

    Polish abortion law already was restrictive, but the new right wing government is trying to introduce ultra conservative catholic state rules, the abortion act is just one symptom of it, the ban on in vitro and promoting so called national values are other problems. Also, Polish and Hungarian governments support one another…

  • Adina said on Reply

    I also believe that this law is symptomatic of other changes that have been taking place in Poland in the last period of time, and that have accentuated with the “refugee crisis.” There has been a rise of right wing extremism. PiS is now the largest party in the Polish Parliament and this law is their creation. Although Catholicism has always played an important role in Polish politics, I think in this case it serves as a justification for an extremely oppressive law.

  • Patricia Papuc said on Reply

    I also think that this law is very much related to the rise of extremist parties in Europe, parties using religion as a way of propaganda. As a comparison Hungary has also a very strict policy concerning abortion. I think a joint effort should be conducted in order to prevent this from happening. Abortion should not be related to feminism , feminism movement in any way, but more to the right of each individual to chose. Anyhow the state should not interfere in such cases.

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