Brexit story of the moment

What is your opinion on Brexit? How will this impact Europe as a continent and Europe as a major international player?

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on 27 June 2016

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  • Nuzhat Aman said on Reply

    There are many ways in which Brexit would effect the European Union & it’s other member states. Brexit could lead other states to call for similar referendum for example in Denmark and Austria and Uk’s exit could strengthen Germany in the EU. Support for brexit varies among 27 members of EU,like Lithuania, Malta Portugal and Ireland are in support for Britain to stay. While others are to some extent least concerned. Because of Ireland’s economic, political and social interests with UK. Ireland will play a supportive role for UK.
    UK is also important allay for Denmark, Sweden and Finland on economic basis. That’s why they would want as a member of the EU. UK is the second largest importer of Polish goods, on trade interests Poland wants UK to remain in a single market. On the other hand Romania and Slovenia don’t have major economic relations. Brexit could have both positive & negative impact on some other member states by means of economic and domestic politics. In case of favourable withdrawal Brexit could also empower eurosceptic movements in other member states,for example Denmark, Sweden & Austria. Such kind of movements could result in collapse of the EU. Nonetheless Brexit would strengthen Germany as a leading position in the EU and weaken the states that have economic benefits from UK.

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