Turkey’s violence in the Kurdish region

The Turkish state recently declared curfew in Kurdish regions which are Cizre, Silopi and in Nusaybin. 52 curfews have been imposed since mid-August across this region. Even though Tens of Kurdish citizens have been killed, the Turkish media chooses to remain silent about the government terror. Why are the Turkish people closing their eyes when it comes to Kurdish people’s basic human rights that are being abused, while Kurdish civilians are being killed by the Turkish state?

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on 17 December 2015

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  • Aleksandra said on Reply

    I believe education plays a crucial role here. I am not an expert on Turkey, but since the revolution of 1923 and the redisign of the educational system there has been an increasing tendence to promote the idea of Turkish nationality, excluding the Kurdish people. This added to numerous conflicts, plus the control of the media by the government has probably had this effect of inactivity towards violation of human rights of the Kurdish people. Just a thought…

    • Seden Hortoglu said on Reply

      I could not agree more with you dear Aleksandra! By realizing that education plays a huge role shaping societies perspective in life, Turkish state, used it to as much as possible. Also the nationalistic policies were created which has resulted on excluding minorities like Kurds, Armenians.

      • Aleksandra said on Reply

        Although it is understandable that the government wants to promote nationalistic policies in an attempt to unify the country, excluding minorities that are an undeniable part of that society will only bring greater problems in the future. Trying to build a homogeneous society/culture where the reality is diverse is just impossible. If nationlistic policies have to be applied, these have to be reviewed to become inclusive and respectful with every group of the existing society. But it will be difficult for the Turkish government to reshape the existing policies without losing legitimacy and their image as a united and powerful country.

  • Patricia said on Reply

    I also think that education plays a key role in shaping a society and it` s way of thinking. Looking at the past century Turkey has indeed had the tendencye to shape a nationalistic society, often excluding the Kurdish people.

  • K-Malin said on Reply

    I also think that the nationalism and education are playing a huge role, but I also think that the Turkish government wants to weaken the Kurdish “community” because it fears that they might fight for an independent Kurdistan on Turkish land. Also Turkish forces were attacking Kurdish villages in Iraq and/or Syria instead of Isis… Seems to be their biggest priority in these times.

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