European Union, the Paris terrorist attacks and the refugee crisis

European Union, the Paris terrorist attacks and the refugee crisis

Last night’s terrorist attacks in France left an entire country in chaos and the whole world in fear. Official sources say that 128 people were killed and over 300 injured.

The fact that the seven strikes were coordinated shows that the authors of these horrific events were not refugees. Most probably they were French citizens with Maghreb heritage, radicalized by the Islamic State.

Until now Polish leaders said that they will refuse to accept the migrant and refugee quotas, while France is in a State of Emergency and reinstated its frontier controls. Many voices are talking about a possible EU dissolution.

The terrorist attacks left a lot of people in fear and made the refugees that are wandering on European soil even more vulnerable. Even though many people had said that refugees are leaving their countries because of terrorist attacks like those from last night, a more common opinion is that they could be terrorist and therefore should not be let into European borders.

We are living very interesting times, mostly because of unfortunate matters. The dream that once was the European Union is now turning into a nightmare for those hundreds of thousands who left Syria and Iraq behind in search for a new life.

What is your opinion about the terrorist attacks and how do you think they will affect Europe’s refugee policies?

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on 14 November 2015

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  • Thouraya Ben Sedrine said on Reply

    As an international relations student, i can’t but feel sorry about what happened in Paris and condemn vehemently this series of terrorist attacks, but if we look sharply to the far-reaching répercussions, i feel concerned about the future of freedom, equality and the Republican principles in Europe, the global capital of cultural tolerence, arts, cosmopolitanism, and supra-nationalism embodied in the European Union system. Though these raids are undoubtfully humanless and religiously inacceptable, the only beneficiary from these attacks are the principles of political conservatism and the political triumph of right-line hardliners whose strategic plans at the long run consist in the disenfranshisment of cultural and ethnic minorities, which may end up in denying their political rights (including the right to vote). Everything, from now on, deemed foreign and strange to the national values of the state is going to be intrigued and amalgamated, and this bring us to the question of Refugees. I think that the legal and social integration of these homeless nations is going to be more difficult to manage appropriately and with respect to Geneva convention and international humanitarian law. It is the international conjuncture that determines the system.

    • Eduard Popa said on Reply

      Thanks Thouraya. You said well “hardliners” when you talked about the political Right.
      I like to think about myself as a Liberal because I love the free market, the freedom of speech, the right to your have your own property, and so on and so forth.
      But unfortunately these Right hardliners (like le Fronte Nationale in France) say that tolerance is a Leftist thing and should not be promoted. In my opinion Tolerance is a virtue, is not a ideological thing. Where the Leftist are going wrong is when they try to implement tolerance and multicultural understanding by law, which in the end it will fail. The people must be free, we must respect the right of life of everyone, regardless their religion, and we most let tolerance come naturally. And when this will happen, than the world will be much more secure and prosperity will be there for all of us.
      Thanks for the great comment.

  • Gandharva said on Reply

    yes this unfortunate incident has not only made the refugees’s life even more tough but has also questioned on the safety measures by the frances’s own government
    this incident will not only harden up the current lives but will also stir a brawl for the refugee condition to in the entire EU

  • Patricia Papuc said on Reply

    I see a lot of interesting ideas here and I agree with most of them
    I don`t understand who is financing ISIS but it is important to underline the fact that ISIS is formed by extremist people who have nothing to do with Islam because no religion on earth teaches you to kill. What annoys me is the way media is only showing some events and forgetting about others, it is as if some lives are more important then others. Lebanon was just before Paris and few people were talking about the event and when Paris happened everyone was talking about it. Paris is one of the major cities of Europe and it is also a city with a strong Muslim population, so it represents a good target and if you want to make a point it`s the perfect city because it is also one of the most important voices of the European Union. I think that these attacks in France are going to impact the issue of migration in Europe, since most migrants coming now are Muslim, I also think that the Schengen space and the EU common security system will be badly shaken now, I think that Europe can be more powerful only if countries work together, following the principles governing the EU: Unity in diversity.

  • Nuzhat Aman said on Reply

    Thanks Patricia Papuc you said well the people involved in the Paris terrorist attacks have nothing to do with Islam, because Pakistan is a Muslim state & the whole world witnessed that Pakistan had maximum terrorist attacks than any other country. They attacked on mosques ,shrines, holy places and in schools. In Army public school Peshawar 148 innocent children and teachers were killed. Extremists involved in such brutal attacks were so called muslims, in reality they are far from Islam. I would like to quote Patricia Papuc’s words “no religion on earth teaches you to kill “.Extremists don’t belong to any religion . Such kind of terrorist attacks effect the lives of the refuges living in other countries, like in Pakistan there are a huge number of Afghan refuges living here for decades. They are facing same problem as the other refuges suffering all over the world specifically in Europe after the Paris terrorist attacks.

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