Should the European States Receive Waves of Refugees (Debate)

12094813_925137130907791_5922521253217343877_o On October 13, at Petru Maior University in Targu Mures, Romania, the local European Law Students Association (ELSA) held an  interesting  debate  about the current European refugee crisis; this debate was themed: Should the European states receive waves of  refugees? Despite  setting a certain  tone and appearing as presenting view on the current crisis, this is an actual topic, often taken as a  ‘neutral’ starting point in  many discussions  throughout the different EU states. Even though it is discussed extensively on many  occasions, this has not led to any answers  or solutions, not at the  national and not at the international level.



12113375_925136954241142_7434567905774241270_oThe audience was made up of 120 students, professors and law professionals, and the key speakers of this event were: assoc. Prof. Dr. Nicolae Ploeşteanu, Mr. Andrei Palade, attorney Raul Miron and Alex Suciu on behalf of IWB. They approached this issue from various perspectives and tried to create a larger and more comprehensive picture of the subject. In their attempts to create a more comprehensive picture, the participants not only used legal arguments, but also historical, cultural and geo-political arguments. The most debated and revealing point of the event was if the Sharia Law could be used in parallel with European law systems.

All in all, the event was successful and the organisers hope to continue organising similar academic debates.

By Alex Suciu


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on 28 October 2015

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  • Patricia said on Reply

    Good work Alex. It`s great that the university organized such an event

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