The possible introduction of death penalty in Hungary

Hungary wants to introduce death penalty in its legislation even if the EU is threating them with exclusion due to it. What do you think about this position of Hungary? In case of exclusion, how will it affect the other member states since it might create a dangerous precedent for the EU?

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on 3 June 2015

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  • Patricia said on Reply

    I do not understand what is happening in Hungary. The right to life is a fundamental article protected under article 2 of the European Convention of Human Rights+ ( Hungary being part of it) Not to mention the fact that it is one of the core elements of the EU, Hungary being a member from 2004. Maybe Orban is trying to score some votes but that is an even bigger problem in my opinion: how is it possible to get votes by saying that you will introduce death penalty in 2015, in an European country? Why would you raise this issue not only in your country, but also in the EU? How extreme are actually the views of some politicians?

  • gandharva sharma said on Reply

    Yes this death penalty law will be totally against the EU and right to life article.
    The main point here is to consider for what offence is Hungary introducing death penalty and why are the EU officials still considering this option.
    This is together with the financial crisis affecting the EU.

    What measures is the EU taking in this direction and will it go with Hungary or what discussion has been made on this situation so far?

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