The Burundi crisis

President Pierre Nkurunziza’s third term bid has unraveled another phase of political upheaval in Burundi following mass protests against his decision. With the army attempt to usurp power and wild jubilation at this claim, there have been counter claims from loyalist circles to the embattled president that the regime still retains sovereignty. Should leaders sit tight in power not taking into cognizance the opinion of the masses who they govern?

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on 15 May 2015

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  • Stamatia Boskou said on Reply

    Even if leaders do not take into account the opinion of their population, I believe that sooner or later the population will react. Burundi is one of the few examples we have seen that during the last years. In a short-term period, leaders can achieve their goal. However, in a long-term period, the dissatisfaction of people will arise again and this could lead to a worse situation.
    In the case of Burundi, the President ignores the desires of his people. He even wants to expedite the elections. The protests, the refugee’s flows to neighbouring countries and the failed coup d’etat are only some examples of the consequences of such unconstitutional decisions.

    • Faboye Samson (@Zamzung) said on Reply

      You couldn’t have analysed the Burundian situation any better Stamatia. Time will tell on the Burundian leadership. Hoping leaders learn how to bow out when the ovation is loudest else they face an ignominious exist if they continue to perpetuate themselves to power

  • Patricia Papuc said on Reply

    I agree with your point of view Stamatia. It`s about responsability. All the leaders should understand that sooner or later they will be held reliable for their actions. As far as I have read the burundi people have several reasons to be unhappy, so their protests are justified. I don`t think that expediting the elections is a good thing, because it can stop the problem for now but it will reappear. The international community should also take a look of what is happening in the country because protests are always dangerous and they live a sign in those communities.

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