Migrants crisis

A special meeting of the European Council took place last week in order to solve the desperate situation of migrants in the Mediterranean sea. Some say that it represents the first step in solving this issue, while others are still skeptical on this matter. What is your opinion?

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on 28 April 2015

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  • Lorelei said on Reply

    It is a very complex issue that would need also cooperation of non-EU countries. I would support more legal channels of migration, plus the chance to apply for asylum at the embassy in the home country, as ECRE, Amnesty, Human Watch, UNHCR and others pointed out.

    “The EU urgently needs to establish safe routes for people fleeing conflict, this includes a comprehensive European resettlement plan. The proposed voluntary resettlement pilot of up to 5,000 people is shameful. That is just 0.1% of the men, women and children that have been forced to flee the conflict in Syria.”

    I recommend everyone to see a movie that brings us closer to this reality that we mostly only read about:
    “Terraferma” (2011).

    • Patricia Papuc said on Reply

      I agree with your point of view. I don`t think that the European Union is capable of solving this issue on its own, help is needed from the UN, leading NGOs and other countries, especially those countries whose citizens are the ones fleeing for a better life in Europe. Many thanks for your recommendation, definitely I will watch this movie.

  • Serena Romeo (@iSyssi) said on Reply

    I’m not happy with the outcome of the European meeting held last week to tackle the issue. The ten-point plan adopted focuses on fingerprinting migrants, reinforce surveillance and border control. It doesn’t look like a migrant rescue plan, as many political analysts claimed. I do agree that the issue is very complex, but I also believe that as long as the EU and its countries will focus on securing the borders rather than protecting the lives of migrants, there will be no real step forward to solve the issue.

    Thank you for the movie tip, Lorelei, I will check the film out!

    • Patricia said on Reply

      Serena I agree with you, I am also not really happy with the outcome of the meeting. The plan does not really sound as a rescue plan, as you said it yourself, but more or less an effort to control/ monitor/ stop them in a way from seeking refugee in the European Union. This is where I think our current IWB for refugees project can help, showing the member states that the migrant situation can be solved in other ways as well.

  • gandharva said on Reply

    Well this entire situation is totally cinnected to the crisis happening in africa and middle east.
    As most of the refugees fleeing towards europe are those fleeing form these areas and then unsafe crossing of Mediterranean is making this entire situation even worst

    Even if the europe some how works up on some plan to solve the migrants problem but still the situation in middle east and africa is getting even worst. The people who are still stuck there and suffering a miserable life is also a big big question to.

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