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Issues of the moment

What is the future of the International Criminal Court?

Three African States have announced their withdrawal from the International Criminal Court (ICC). Russia also announced it withdraws as a Rome Statute signatory. However, many other states are expressing a renewed commitment to the ICC and vow to continue the fight against impunity. Will the ICC crumble under the criticism and withdrawals, or will it […]
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Donald Trump was elected president

What is your opinion  on this topic and how will this affect the entire world?   NATO? Terrorism? Migration? International relations? Discuss with us!
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Project: IWB for refugees

Discover more about refugees!

“Every day, all over the world, ordinary people must flee their homes for fear of death or persecution. Many leave without notice, taking only what they can carry. Many will never return. They cross oceans and minefields, they risk their lives and their futures. When they cross international borders they are called refugees” (


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